Advanced GRP Access and
Riser Management Solutions

Integrated Modular Managed

Integrated Modular Managed

Why choose Comtec composites?

Light weight to strength ratio

Compared to steel, wood or concrete.

Fire and chemical resitance

Will maintain its structure and rigidity.

Extreme temperature performance

Copes with hot or cold environments.

Zero maintenance and low life cycle cost

For cost-effective, long term solutions.

Easy and quick to install

No need for specialist tools.


Will not rust or rot.


Low electrical and thermal properties.

UV resistant

Will not discolour or distort in the sun.

Customer Focused

Architect or consultant

Comtec can provide solutions from planning stage and assist in product specification.


Comtec can pre-fabricate bespoke quality products offsite, reducing labour onsite.


Comtec can supply full GRP Sheets and GRP Profile or Handrail from stock for you to fabricate your own bespoke products.